Our Story

Kishana Sampson is currently a School Counselor in San Bernardino. With 20 years in the education field, she has served students in and out of the classroom in some of the lowest socioeconomic populations.

After a day of working with disadvantaged youth, she looked forward to coming home,lighting a candle, and relaxing with a nostalgic scent wafting through her home.

She thought others would enjoy the same nostalgic feeling. With this idea, her passion for education, and love of candles, School of Melts was born.

School of Melts is a small business that houses multiple scent collections. Each collection pay homage to educators, students, and school staff.

The Resilience Luxury Collection donates 10% of profits to non-profit organizations that serve disadvantaged youth. This is the population Ms. Sampson has served throughout her entire career, continues to do so, and is passionate about making a difference.